Friday, January 30, 2009


Did you know there is a Patron Saint of Recovered Alcoholics? Yes, there is. A real one.

He is, or was, St. Martin of Tours. He appears in books on the Saints as the "Patron of innkeepers and reformed drunkards", or in later versions, "of recovered alcoholics".

St. Martin was an army man in France in the years 313 to 390 A.D. While a soldier he one day gave his cloak to a freezing beggar and saw Christ in him. From then on he became a Christian missionary who travelled throughout France by foot and donkey, often being given a bed in local inns. He ministered to whomever he met. Later he became Bishop of Tours and founded a monastery.

St. Martin's feast day is November 11th, in England it is called Martinmas.

"St. Martins Summer" is an English expression meaning the same thing we call "Indian Summer" on this continent - a time of unusually warm weather in late October or early November.

St. Martins's-in-the-fields, a famous church in Longdon's Trafalger Square, is one of many named after him.


DON SAYS: Mary Becker is or was on staff with the Donwood Institute

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Anonymous said...

I am a recovered alcoholic and have worked with homeless people for 8 yrs before going on disability and my name is Martin. Am a C.P.R.M. as well as a secular C.A.P.